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Creating the "Best Day Ever": Turn your Ideas into Actions

By: Kim Aldana | April 4, 2021

Looking for an idea on how to plan an event? Well, you’re on the right page! Planning an event is not easy. Especially for beginners, it is not just a “piece of cake”. When you start to plan, there are so many things to be considered. Every detail matters. I’ve seen a lot of occasions, organizers, planners, and suppliers but I found out that the key is having a detailed plan and perfect execution. With that, I am here to give you basic tips to start planning your dream event!


First to consider is the budget; it is a need to prepare money for expenses on the smallest to the biggest details of your event. Your grand occasion may leave your wallet screaming for mercy. So be as meticulous as you could on every single detailed cost. Second is the theme; with this, you can start having an idea of what to prepare for your venue set-up. If you are still undecided in choosing your theme, I recommend reading this very helpful and informative article: Best themes for 2021 dream wedding. Third, is the venue; this is where it will start and end. In choosing a venue, consider the vibe, the surroundings, and space. Is it accessible? Is it Instagram-worthy? Is it fit for a garden wedding/kiddie party or for a family reunion, and so on. The fourth and last is food; you need to be picky especially when it comes to food. It really is one of the major highlights in every event. Consider having a food tasting session with several caterers. It’s best to see all possible food combinations and dining set-ups before the big day. Food tasting is always offered by caterers to their prospective clients.


Well, before anything else, below are likewise important details to consider for your event:

  • Weather

No one wants a rainy garden wedding, right? So first and foremost, consider the possible weather. Check the time of the month. Go on a research on weather forecasts.

  • Date

Yes, it should be a memorable one, but also be wise enough in choosing a date. Engage with your guests also. Have a survey on what time of the day and what day of your preferred month are they available. By then, you can also have an idea of how many pax you are going to reserve.

  • LGU & Government Protocols

Since we are facing pandemic, we are aware that social distancing, wearing a mask & face shield is a must. Check the possible capacity that a venue can accommodate. Do not risk on exceeding for it may cause a big problem. To help you get an oversight on this new situation, you can read up on this article: Options over hesitations: How to prepare a wedding amidst pandemic. Let’s follow the protocols. There’s no harm in following those guidelines.

  • Suppliers

For the suppliers, I suggest do a canvassing and list down the possible suppliers that you want for your event. Make an appointment for a meeting with them or just have an online inquiry. Choose the best suppliers and check their page reviews so you can have an idea about their services.


TBH, there is no such thing as a perfect event. It’s all about having precise coordination so you can have extraordinary results. No matter how you execute and plan, there will always be an imperfection. But what you need to remember is you have the freedom to choose the perfect suppliers, venues, theme, date, budget & all the details to have your dream event. But hey, no pressure! Surely, every event is worth the work especially when it is planned with LOVE. I hope this helps you get a head start on your event.


Good luck and stay safe everyone!