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Options Over Hesitations: How to Prepare your Wedding amidst Pandemic

By: Lorielle Cruz | March 28, 2021

Cliché it may seem, but people say that “Love Move Mountains”, and that this pandemic is not and will never be a hindrance to people who wants to tie-the-knot with their loved ones.

Some say that postponing the wedding is a good move. But I beg to disagree! For me, this is the perfect moment to celebrate your wedding as you have all the time to plan things out ensuring that your wedding will be a perfect one. As the world has changed and adapted to the new normal, numerous options are provided for couples on how they can plan out and prepare for their wedding. Thus, you need not to cancel nor postpone your dream wedding just because of this pandemic.

And I got you few tips on how you can prepare your wedding in trying times like this.

  • Invest on your prenup shoot.

Whether we like it or not, it’s a fact that not all your loved ones and friends will be able to make it on your wedding day because of the drastic changes brought up by COVID-19-related protocols. So, I highly suggest couples to have a GRAND PRENUP SHOOT, in that way you will still be able to share the happiness of your wedding through your awesome and stunning photoshoot. It would also be best and practical to choose a location with indoor and outdoor options that can fit into any prenup shoot themes you’d love to have.


  • Wedding reception venue should be a priority.

Since the government is only allowing 50% maximum capacity for event venues, you should prioritize looking for venues with a double capacity of your expected guest list. So, I suggest looking for venues with bigger function halls, a good number of parking spaces and those with a wider land area. Because with bigger venues, social distancing will surely be observed and venues with both indoor and outdoor areas will give you air to breathe, of course, lowering the risk of getting COVID-19.


  • Limit yourself in engaging with plenty of suppliers.

There are venues and event organizers who are already offering full packages to their clients which I think is a wise decision for now. Coz if you go and find each supplier by yourself and try to put them altogether it will be a little problematic and troublesome for you in the end. It is also risky, as you may miss some important details since you are trying to juggle so many things at the same time.   So, it would be best to talk to one supplier and have them do everything for you as you sit back and relax while waiting for your big day.


  • Make sure that health protocols will be observed.

I know how Filipinos love to see our families seeing them witness our life milestones. And I do agree with that; I do believe that it is and is surely possible. However, it is just as important that you invest in ensuring that all health protocols will be observed and followed on the preparation, the actual event, and even after the wedding. Thus, you will have less worries about getting your loved ones infected making you feel at ease and ultimately enjoy your big day as things are put into place.


Given all those useful tips, I just wanted to share with you a venue I recently visited in Silang Cavite. They have both indoor and outdoor areas for any prenup themes. The venue has a lot of areas to take good shots with and I think it is best to describe it as a “picture-perfect place”. Not only that, as they also have 6 different halls and venue places that can cater up to 600 pax given the 50% maximum capacity requirement. They even have a huge parking area that I guess can accommodate from 100-200 vehicles all at once. Imagine how big is that then!

As I spoke to them, they also offer customized packages depending on the client’s requirements. They can provide you just about everything you will need for your wedding. And of course, most importantly they have been strict with implementing all the safety protocols placed by the LGUs and the National government. So, I guess they got you covered, right?

To satisfy your curiosity, the name of the venue is Antigo de la Cumbre. They are in Brgy Malaking Tatiao, Silang Cavite. You can check out their Facebook page or website for more details.

Well, at the end of the day regardless of whatever problems we have encountered, we all deserve to celebrate LOVE, LIFE, and HAPPINESS. So, to end this, I would suggest couples stop their hesitations and start looking into options. Because life is about celebrating events and making every moment count.